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Transparent plastic business cards. Why these business cards?

The industrial sector has undergone rapid changes over the past decades in terms of working methods and cycles. In the printing sector, technological progress has brought about a radical transformation in most all production phases. Along with a highly diversified graphic production that is ever-increasingly computerized, there is the innovation of the paper support which is now becoming even more flexible and versatile. The activity of the Pinkograf falls within this sphere, at a junction between the production processes of graphics and paper and cardboard manufacturing industries and the increasingly specific requirements of the publishing and advertising markets.
The Company: Pinkograf
A characteristic that distinguishes the Pinkograf, founded in 2000 by Oliviero Pinchetti, from other companies in the sector is its high degree of expertise, precision workmanship and ability to adequately meet the Client's every need, even the most unique and challenging from a production standpoint. This characteristic originates from a profound knowledge of the materials and processes and from a willingness to carry out research and to continuously experiment new production solutions. 
Our most request  products are "transparent plastic business cards".

Transparent plastic business cards. Why THESE business cards?

Pinkograf: passion for excellence! And promoter for winner.
It’s obvious to most that first impressions are crucial and that your business card plays a part in that first impression. The question is, “What do I want my business card to communicate?” Standard business cards meet the minimum standards in communicating basic information however our transparent “Best Business Cards” are truly in the realm of high perform. Our  transparent business cards says: “I stand out from the average and ordinary.” They go to work for you when you need an ice breaker. They’re professional and represent you when you’re not there, they’re relationally connective, they trigger memories and since they look so nice, people keep them and if they keep them, your cards may become an unexpected source of referrals. Would you like to see for yourself?

This is our photogallery. About 700 transparent business cards, with real photos, not photomontages.

Here some photos of the best plastic business cards:

Our printing is high quality. And also inks and materials. So our product has a long long life. This kind of product is Water proof, Scratch Resistant, Attention Getting.
Here in our website: history, technology, services, products.
Free samples available worldwide!


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