lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

Creattica likes our "plexiglass plastic business cards"!


New fantastic and unique plastic business cards!

Plexiglass business cards made in Pinkograf!

As I told you time ago, we are always searching new type of business cards! And now, we have realized the best business cards I saw! Plexiglass business cards realized with laser technology!
And Creattica, one of the best gallery of business cards and other products, has submitted our new product!

We have a few of photos in the web now, because we need time to take all photos of all products on plexiglass! But it is possible to see a little gallery of the new prototypes on, on Picasa and one photo also on Creattica and on Cardonizer.

Featured on Creattica

Plexiglass plastic business cards are unique! If you need a special marketing tool or an advertising tool, that has a little price and a big  result... ok, you have found your solution!

We use a special type of plexiglass (High quality clear Poly methyl methacrylate - PMMA) that is fluorescent.  So different lights create different light effects! Usually on the bord or in perforated or engraved zone you can see fluorescent effect very very nice!

plexiglass plastic business cards

plexiglass plastic business cards, laser engraved and perforated

plexiglass plastic business cards
plexiglass plastic business cards

plexiglass plastic business cards - thickness 3 mm

We hope you like this little gallery! 
We are happy to study and find products different from our competitors!
We would like to be the company that has the bigger production of business cards on various and original materials!

Naturally we are married with the quality and all our production will be always based on high high quality!
The prices? The icing on the cake!
Fortunately, we had, we have, and we'll have always competitive prices also if we sell high quality products!

And in a short time, new business cards on other materials!

See you the next post!

:) :) :) 

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  2. These are adorable. I was in search of plastic business cards most popular designs. Its over here.

  3. WOW! wonderful designs! specially the color combination is attractive.plastic business cards

  4. its a new idea...and it protected to glass...the colour combination is so beautifull...