lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

Architect business cards. Simply spectacular!

Pinkograf presents:

Business cards for architects. They are the most beautiful and most popular.

I had in my mind  this article because the photos of business cards created for architects are the examples that people want. Often the clients choose these designs, because they are minimalist, simple and elegant. 
A clear design expression of seriousness.
Here a photogallery where we show the best business cards realized for Architects

Architects business cards on frosted PVC

Architects business cards on frosted PVC

Architects business cards on clear PVC

Architects business cards on clear PVC, with original shape

Architects business cards on stainless steel - laser cut + laser engraving

Architects business cards on frosted PVC

Architec plastic business cards on clear PVC

Metal business cards on stainless steel - laser cut + laser engraving

A quick read of what characterizes and regulates the profession of architects in Italy.
"The profession of architect is an expression of culture and technology."
These are the first words of the code of ethics for architects.

The same expression is materialized even on business cards designed by an architect. 
The architects create business cards extraordinarily beautiful, simple graphics, linear, minimalist and elegant. Graphic clean, no frills. Immediate impact.

Graphics that immediately catch the eye of those who receive the business cards, and automatically reflect the image that the architect wants to give of himself and his work.

The most quantity of business cards are printed on PVC, but also on other materials such as steel, wood, acrylic plexiglass. And soon the carbon. 

Apart from the unique graphics for cool business cards, and here all the credit to the architects, we can say that the architects who have turned to Pinkograf to carry out their business cards, have been helped by the numerous choice of materials from which to build the business cards.

Not only in architecture but in many areas now lapped by the crisis, is necessary if not mandatory, to evolve, innovate, explore new techniques and new materials to stand out from the crowd. 
And so to stand out and then be chosen as a "means" to provide additional marketing tool to its image, or to your company.

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