venerdì 30 settembre 2011

AR code is an interesting marketing tool!

AR code  it's a big big tool!
AR is the short 
We can add the mark where we prefer, but the better idea it's on the business card.
We have made already business cards with AR code, and now we want produce something like this but very very nice.
We make plastic business cards, plexiglass business cards, metal business cards (printed) and their use is endless.
So we, Pinkograf,  think it's great and evolutive to have a business card with AR code or QR code. You can show a movie of your company everywhere you are.
You don't need big things with you. You need only of an indestructible business card. On which you had put the info or the movie you prefer.
Here you can see a movie about this.
It's  very simple but it is very profitable.
Your business or your image or what you prefer, with this little idea could increase.
Here 3 examples of plastic business cards with inside QR Code.

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